Sunrise. Sunset. Giveaway!

Sunrise. Sunset. Giveaway!

Nov 01

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Cheap Date Challenge #5

“Pick the best location to watch the sun come up or go down and, after consulting a time-table for either of these daily occurrences, rendezvous at the appointed time and spot with coffee and doughnuts or a thermos of soup and bread. Then settle into your front row seats for the big event.”

I envisioned us driving to the coast with our bagels and shmear to sit on a blanket in the white sand while gazing back and forth from the brilliance of each other’s eyes to the majestic display of the sun greeting another dawn. Our real life version of this fantasy went something like us parking down at the pond closest to my mother’s house and sitting in the back hatch of our mini van– me with a banjo case jammed up against the base of my spine and Clark in a hooded sleeve, only after paying dearly for trespassing onto mosquito territory. Oh the bliss. After an 11 hour drive in the car with our two children just 2 days earlier and the return trip home facing us for the coming day, the last thing Clark and I wanted to do was take another 2 hour round trip. So the pond it was. With some Einstein Brothers and some autumn roast, we claimed our muggy turf and gosh darnit, we watched the sunrise. As Clark was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes and swinging at hungry mosquitos, I had to laugh out loud when I realized that I had actually dragged my sweetheart from his bed to come join me, quite literally, in a van down by the river. (Chris Farley? Anyone?)

We had a blast although there was not much coherent thought or stimulating conversation happening at that early hour. We played “High Low”– a game where each person shares their high point and their low point of their day or week. We brushed up on our meteorology as we debated the difference between cirrus and cumulonimbus clouds. And, don’t ask me how we got on the topic of mimes, but somehow they snuck into our conversation as well. A bunch of seeming nothingness, but that is truly what I love about these times with Clark. We rarely retreat from the seriousness of life to just be and talk nonsense, and these random interactions once a week allow us to rediscover that we still enjoy each other’s presence more than we do anyone else’s. We concluded the morning with a guided meditation called the Sacred Space. It is something we like to do together each day to reconnect our awareness with God and each other.

So mosquitos, mimes, and meditation– Great Cheap Date challenge #5 complete and the alliteration queen is happy!

Oh, and guess what we got for the couple getting married this past weekend? Their very own set of 52 Great Cheap Dates by Lynn Gordon. As sentimental as the expandable cooling rack may be, perhaps you might consider giving this at your next wedding or bridal shower. In fact, that leads me to announce November’s give away. One lucky reader will win a set of 52 Great Cheap Dates by Lynn Gordon to enjoy with their sweetheart. You can enter to win by following the steps listed below.

Happy November everyone and good luck!

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A winner will be chosen at random by the end of this month! Good luck!

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Salina Beasley