Great Cheap Date Challenge #16

Great Cheap Date Challenge #16

Jan 28

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Beer Tasting

“Local Microbreweries often offer free tours with beer tasting afterwards. If there’s no brewery near you, throw your own tasting party by buying some of those weird new beers whose taste you’ve been wondering about, and making homemade pretzels (simple recipes can be found with just a bit of research). Buy a couple of different mustards to put on the fresh pretzels and ta dah! You’ve got your own beer and mustard tasting party (though preferably not mixed together).”

We will be opting for the at home party for a number of reasons:

1. My husband hates beer, however, he has agreed to sample a new variety in the event that he finds something that suits his taste. I can’t tell if he’s starting to develop a complex about ordering girlie drinks in public. For instance, on our last date, we ate at a the bowling alley sports bar. I ordered a Shocktop while he requested an apple martini. I mean, nothing will make a guy bowl a 300 quite like an apple martini, but nevertheless, it is time to broaden the horizons.

2. Those apple martinis are gettingĀ expensive!

3. He and I are lightweights– better stick close to home.

4. No childcare.

5. Said children wake up at 7am regardless of whether or not mommy and daddy host a beer tasting the night before.

I can’t wait to see how this date turns out.

By the way, I stumbled on a few noteworthy dating sites this week. Simply Modern Mom’s blog features a dating category called Project 52: Date Nights. The idea behind the Great Cheap Date Challenge and Project 52 is to encourage couples to take time out of their week to do something simple and creative with one another without breaking the bank! Check out this date night pledge

Try slipping this under the remote this weekend, or go ahead and plan the first one and invite your spouse to a night of fun for just the two of you. Feel free to borrow any of the Great Cheap Date ideas found here. Also, for more creative date ideas, check out The Dating Diva’s Blog. For a thoughtful and creative idea at virtually NO cost whatsoever, check out their recent post entitiled, “Tonight’s Going to be a Good Night”, and tell me your husband would not get off the couch for this one!

I’d am curious to know what was the most memorable date you’ve had. (If you’re married, hopefully it was with your husband. Ha!) Comment below with your dating memory, and feel free to share some of your most creative ideas with the rest of us.

Have a great weekend!

If you like this article, please share it with your friends!

Salina Beasley