The Decor Cabinet: Before and After

The Decor Cabinet: Before and After

Feb 25

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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Clark and Salem spent the better part of last Saturday working in the front yard, (which I’m proud to say no longer looks like the scene of the Apocalypse), while Ameila and I worked on this…

It was sad and dreary and begging for attention, so we got to work sprucing it up!

First, we sanded and gave it a thorough wipe down(yes, that is an old burp cloth)….

And then we dusted. I used a stray sock that had been sadly forsaken by it’s partner. Am I the only one who is puzzled by missing socks on laundry day? Socks check into the dryer but they don’t check out!

We taped the edges to paint nice smooth lines.

This is where the project began to evolve. I took a chance by tinting the primer a bright orange . My plan was to distress this piece and have this fun color show thru a more neutral shade. True story. I had hit such a stride working on this that I didn’t want stop to feed Mia. I ended up nursing her while priming the cabinet. I know. So many things wrong with this picture.

I chose this color as the top coat. Am I the only person who is partially swayed by paint names? For instance, this is not just plain old ecru. This shade is called “Elegant Lace”. The name makes me want to sip tea with my pinky raised and discuss ornate tapestries.

These Lucky Number knobs from Anthropologie were well worth the splurge. I just couldn’t help myself! Note to self: Choose your hardware first. That way you can fill old holes and drill new ones to fit. I lucked out by finding some that I liked that were the right size, but my options were very limited.

We then set to work making our updated furniture look more….well…. dated.

I sanded portions of the wood that would have experienced natural wear over time to give it the shabby chic look. It was at this point that I breathed a sigh of relief. The orange tinted primer to be a GREAT idea!

Add some updated hardware…. and… voila!

I went for a drive last week (I can’t remember the last time that I did that!), and stumbled on this amazing antique consignment shop called South End Exchange where I feel in love with this vintage soda crate and this ceramic tea pot. I wouldn’t dare use it to serve tea, but it is perfect for holding chalk since the surface of this piece is painted with chalk board paint!

This cabinet is now home to some of my favorite vases, candle stick holders, picture frames, and lamp shades that aren’t being used in my current decor scheme. And there you have it!

Cost Breakdown:

{paint and supplies: $46}

{updated hardware: $28}

{antique table display: $45}

{memory with Amelia: $Priceless$}





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Salina Beasley