25 things

25 things

Apr 18

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It’s late…. incredibly late…. in fact, it is so late and I am so tired that I will probably eye this post tomorrow and inevitably wonder what possessed me to hit “publish”. Technically, it isn’t Sunday (Lent break) anymore and therefore I shouldn’t be blogging, but a dear friend visited me today and we didn’t finish gabbing until after midnight and, well, my chance to blog was traded for some much needed conversation… but since I haven’t yet slept, perhaps I can bend the Lent rules.

I’m a singer, and for good reason, I generally leave the instrumentation to my much more talented husband. But on this special day, Palm Sunday, I broke out the dulcimer at church this morning. And not just any dulcimer… I rocked the idulcimer on an IPad. A friend of mine once said that an IPad sounded like a really expensive feminine product, and I have to agree, but Life in Technicolor sounded stellar even if a touch screen device isn’t technically an instrument. Stranger things have happened. In fact, remember that “25 things you don’t know about me” forward that was floating around awhile ago? You forward your list of randomness to 10 friends and they forward their randomness to 10 friends because deep down we all fear that if we don’t actually forward it, bad luck really will follow us for 10 years. Well, I dug up my list of 25 random-isms and for this deliriously tired, post-midnight blog post, I’ve decided to share it with you. This was written a couple of years ago, mind you….. stranger things may have happened since.

Share Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. (that’s just too much tagging for my taste…. I’m just sayin’.)

1. I am smitten with my husband

2. I am crazy about my son

3. My father has had an array of jobs- hot dog vendor, aerobics instructor, inspirational speaker, wedding photographer, and billiard pro…. just to name a few.

4. I have a slight obsession for British pop

5. The handful of times I’ve been drunk, I’ve ended up dancing on some sort of elevated surface- tables, stages, large speakers- fully clothed of course, however, drunk is not a good look on me

6. I met President Bush at the White House in 2006

7. I was with an old band mate who ran into his first girlfriend while we were at the White House meeting President Bush in 2006 (If you’re reading this, you know who you are.)

8. I was on Clarissa Explains it All

9. I am deaf in one ear

10. I used to work for Benny Hinn

11. I shared my faith with the the kid from Charles in Charge… no lie… had no idea it was him until afterwards…

12. It is tradition in my family to eat Chinese Food on Christmas Eve… fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra

13. I used to be in the band Tenth Avenue North

14. I hate raisins

15. I once tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club when I was 10

16. I used to hate my name because when I was in the 2nd grade a girl in my class told me that her mom said my name sounded like a disease.

17. I love to drink tea and when I travel to a new place I always look for the nearest tea shop (not Starbucks) and the nearest bookshop (it is a bonus if they are both the same)

18. I think American culture should adopt the “siesta”

19. My son Salem’s name came to me in a dream

20. I was homecoming queen

21. I’ve been on the receiving end of someone asking me “when’s the baby due” when I wasn’t yet pregnant. It isn’t fun

22. My parents were selected to appear on Wheel of Fortune

23. I can’t STAND most reality TV

24. I had my first skinny dipping experience at the church singles retreat… no boys were present, however, that might not have been quite the experience the singles ministry staff may have been going for.

25. I once smoked a late- night cigar in front of my pastor’s office.

Curious to know which of these fun facts you didn’t already know about me…. ready… go! Until next week…

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Salina Beasley