Capri Curtains

Capri Curtains

Apr 11

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Hello and Happy Sunday! Last weekend, I asked you which of these fabric prints you liked best. The vote for the third floral swatch nearly unanimous.

Today while the kids were napping, and Clark was working on a new arrangement of Life in Technicolor, I broke out a few sewing essentials and got to work.

Just a few basic sewing supplies… shears, seam gage, all-purpose thread, sewing pins, measuring tape and, of course, Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. Martha would say that prep is everything. I say, just get ‘er done.

Measure, snip, and tear that baby down the middle.

Now, for this part, I actually do take my time to measure an exact 1/2″ seam. The idea is to look like you’re not drinking and sewing.

Measure…. pin…

… and press.

Run a basic 1/2″ stitch along all sides, then fold your top hem another 1 1/2″ to create the channel for your curtain rod.

Pin…. Press…. Stitch… and voila!

A little window into my neuroses… nothing drives me crazy more than curtains that are not the proper length. Let it be said for all times sake, curtains that don’t touch the floor are too short. I have such a pet peeve about this that most the curtains in my house actually puddle on the floor, they are so long. I’d rather walk on my jeans that have my ankles showing, you know what I mean? I’ve never sewn cafe curtains before, but I’m pretty sure they are at least supposed to reach the window sill.

I didn’t set out to make “Capri” curtains, but there you have it. I thought perhaps I could convince you that clam digger curtains were all the rage in Sweeden right now, but, instead, I humbly admit, we can’t all be domestic goddesses like Martha.

Next weekend’s project…. lower the curtain rod.

The good news is, it just so happens that the fabric colors match perfectly with this recent gift from my mother-in-law.

Lovely, right? Well, here’s the kicker…. she cross stitched this! I know, right? Talk about a labor of love. The orange and black in the floral pattern match perfectly with this picture. Thanks, Mom!

And there you have it… Cafe “capri” curtains on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

See you next weekend!


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Salina Beasley