Amelia’s 1st Birthday Tea Party

Amelia’s 1st Birthday Tea Party

Aug 18

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Mia’s 1st Birthday Tea Party…. I struggle to know where to start. First things first, the party poms were a success.

For a moment there, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to pull them off, but they were a smash hit, and this little tissue paper display will soon make a new home in Mia’s bedroom.

This table featured everything the grown-up ladies might enjoy for brunch tea. Fine china, sterling silver, and sweets galore!

I loved these vintage tea boxes. Little accents like these along with the teapot cookie cutter and the cupcake necklace {compliments of Mia’s Nona} added a little something special to the overall display.

My sister bough Amelia this adorable “Got cupcakes?” apron. I just had to somehow sneak it into the decor. Did you notice the tea cup-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Those were my favorite. And thanks to Jones Design Company and Kevin and Amanda’s scrapbook fonts, I was able to design these adorable menu cards!

The Almond Chicken Salad sandwiches were delicious, but surprisingly not as popular as the mimosa punch. Go figure! And yet, as much fun as I had putting all of this together, I was most excited about my Mia tree centerpiece.

I pulled some of my favorite pics of Mia from the past year and clothes-pined them to some branches I picked up from Michael’s. Then I filled the vase with some tea bags for some thematic flare, accented it with a glittered fabric bow, and surrounded it with paper streamer rosettes. I love it so much, its been over a week and I still haven’t taken it down!

This was the little ladies tea party table complete with metallic glitter crowns, princess silly bandz and tea pot suckers from Oriental Trading Company. And of course, what is a tea party without a proper tea party attire?

A top hat and suspenders for the head Beasley…. a silly hat, pearls and white gloves for the hostess. I’d say we looked the part, wouldn’t you?

The hat was a huge hit with Salem {which is more than I can say for the tie, unfortunately.}

Before we sat down to enjoy our tea {pink lemonade for the little ladies}, Nona beautified each of the little party-goers.

And here she is ladies and gentlemen. The guest of honor with her proud Mimi. As they say, she’s a party waiting for a place to happen!

After the girls had their make up done, they put on their crowns and enjoyed some party sweets.

When they had eaten their fill, they dove into the dress-up box and covered themselves with metallic beads and feathered-boas to match their glitter crowns.

We played a round of musical chairs to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”.

Afterward, we rounded up the little ladies for story time with Nona. What could be more appropriate than the book,  My Very First Tea Party?

We wrapped things up by opening into Mia’s birthday gifts. Don’t you love the handmade tutu?

It just occurred to me that I had slowly morphed from tea party hostess to Michael Jackson impersonator with the single white glove.

Yet how can I convey the magic that was my Mia on her very special day? I think this picture says it all.

Sparkly light-up crown, frosting-covered grin, “Got cupcake” apron, and a half-eaten smash cake… In a word, our celebration was… magical. It was a day we will not soon forget.

I love you my sweet Mia girl!

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Salina Beasley