Picture Pages

Picture Pages

Nov 15

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Thanks for all of your encouragement from yesterday’s post. One friend of mine told me that she likes reading my blog despite the fact that lately it has been all text and no pics. Well, we can’t have that now can we? Funny how when we were kids we would judge a book by its pictures, and now that we are all grown up and oh so very sophisticated readers, let’s face it. We still like the pictures.

The Beasleys have moved. Again. No, I’m not referring to the time before the last time we moved into the house with the great sunroom turned creative learning space. That was a great house. We were only there a whopping 8 weeks, and I had barely unpacked my sewing machine when Clark got assigned to a post in Atlanta for the Summer months. No, he isn’t a military man, but you would think so based on the number of times we’ve moved. By the end of the summer, his temporary post turned into a full time position with benefits. I’m not even sure what that word even means… “Benefits”. When you are a contractor, the job IS the benefit, right? “Bonus” means you landed an extra gig so you can take that money and buy new tires for the minivan. So, Clark accepted the beneficial job with Super-Beneficial Benefits and we moved to Atlanta not the first… not the second… wait for it…ah, the THIRD time must be the charm. More to come on my feelings about that whole shenanigans later. Enough blah blah for now. This post is meant to be picture-y. So here you go.

This is out new street…


And this is our new house…


And this is my nature walking buddy all bundled for a stroll.


The trails in this neighborhood are my favorite part about living here. There is always something new to explore.



This garden statue is in the front yard of the house three doors down. Without fail, Mia always walks right up to it and says, “Hi Daddy!” Now, why is that?

Every time we pass our neighbor’s flower beds, I remind Mia not to touch the flowers, and evvv-ery time she reaches for them and looks up at me with this “can-I-get-away-with-it-today?” smile. Then we have it out in the neighbor’s flower beds and I win and she cries and I hope the Flowery Neighbor is at work and not watching the whole episode through her front window with DFCS on speed dial. Just kidding. Not really. Fortunately, today, I snapped a pic of theĀ “can-I-get-away-with-it-today?” smile so you can see for yourself how irresistible it is.


I will save the home interior photos for another post as I am pretty sure that there is a pair of Buzz Light Year underwear (Salem’s, not Clark’s) on the kitchen floor and a crusty loaf pan in the sink. Hardly blog-worthy material. But, in case you thought I was kidding yesterday about blogging from the empty garden tub, here’s the view.

What did I tell you? When you stay at home all day, you have to savor the inspiration whenever and wherever it comes.

Hope you enjoyed the photos from our daily nature walk today. Tomorrow…the Gluten Free Banana Bread recipe formerly occupying the crusty loaf pan.

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Salina Beasley