Spontaneous Therapy

Spontaneous Therapy

Dec 07

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Are you very spontaneous? Or are you more like me… someone who likes to think of herself as free spirited and unplanned and yet sticks to regular routine? I carried a Franklin Day Timer to the sixth grade have always been more of a planner-type. However, I wonder if there is a danger in being too structured. Could a woman self-restrict so much that if one day she throws caution to the wind and decides to take a different route to the supermarket she could get carried away with the whole off-the-cuff lifestyle and before you know it, she’s dying her hair platinum blond and trading the family minivan for a ’69 Charger. {Pause to make a quick note: Be sure to bring up Blond Charger fantasy at next psychotherapy session}.

I made a new friend recently who invited Mia and I to the zoo. It was completely spur of the moment. Five minutes after she phoned, Mia and I were at the door with snacks in hand. If my new friend noticed that Mia was wearing the pajama shirt she had slept in the night before, she was kind enough not to say anything, and off we went to enjoy a lovely morning at the Atlanta zoo.

Mia zoo 8

Mia zoo 7

Mia zoo 2

Mia zoo 3

Mia zoo 4

Are you noticing a pattern here? Apparently live animals are waayyy over-rated. Mia tore through the zoo and tackled every inanimate creature she could find. Who cares about live gorillas when you can stick your fingers in a fake one’s nose!

Mia zoo 9

The flamingos were of particular interest. She kept calling them “sweet potatoes”. Of all the animals in the zoo, the main topic of interest: Sweet Potatoes.

Mia zoo 10

Mia zoo 1

The best thing about the petting zoo was the hand sanitizer bath we took upon exiting. So, now my secret is out. I’m not only a Franklin protege, but I am also a poster child for Purell.

All in all, our wild hair made for a wonderful memory. And just to be sure the whole spontaneous thing didn’t get too out of hand, I came home and did two extra loads of laundry. (Note: Add Housework Penance to topics for therapy discussion.)

Have a wild weekend!

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Salina Beasley