Paris of America

Paris of America

Mar 11

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il_570xN.411134528_2n6k{Image via Going Underground}

Bikes, bakeries, and vintage streetcars. Today, I am daydreaming about San Francisco. I have never been to Northern California, and Clark and I agreed that this year, we would take a trip to “The City”– just the two of us. I’ve been stashing some cash just for the occasion, so today I thought I’d check out the best that San Fran has to offer. {Thank you, Design Sponge: San Francisco City Guide}. Here’s a few hot spots I think we may need to visit:

large-heart-map-a7b0f669a2544f0a7a4e8607e7e5a1b338d3add3-s40{image via Payam Rajabi}

Public Bikes— I want to ride a heart-shaped route around the city and then Clark can ask me to marry him again… Just like the Verizon commercial.

vintage-camera-bookends-by-moss-studios-512px-512px{Vintage Camera Bookends by Moss Studios}

Dijital Fix— speakers and electronics for my tech-loving better half (Oh, and supposedly there is an in-store photo booth we may just have to grace.)

Tacolicious–… Or perhaps a taco-crawl through The City will do.

Dog Eared Books— I like the name, so I’m sure I’ll like the books.

Blue Bottle Coffee— is there anyone in the Pacific Northwest that doesn’t drink coffee? {Dear Lent, when WILL you be over?}.

101 Music pic

101 Music— because good record shops are hard to come by these days, and these babies are only $5 a pop!

Let’s see, so far we’ve ridden, eaten, read, and listened… What to do? What to do?

san-francisco-quirky-musee-mecanique-laughing-sal-full{“Laughing Sal”– fun house character circa 1930}

Musee Mechanique— Because a vintage collection of more than 300 antique arcade machines and mechanical musical instruments sounds rad and it’s FREE!!! Helloooo? Also, I want Clark to take a picture of me next to the machine called the “Laughing Sal” (a.k.a. The “Fat Lady”}.

Foreign Cinema

Foreign Cinema— Don’t you just want to be sitting underneath cafe lights eating an Urban Picnic dish watching an off-beat film? That sounds like my kind of evening.

Imperial Spa— After all that cycling, and walking, and eating, and photo booth-invading, we may just need a Korean-style spa massage in Japantown. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Whew. If we haven’t run out of time, money, or leg muscle from all that heart-shaped pedaling, I for one would love to squeeze every ounce of goodness from our San Francisco getaway.

What about you? Have you ever visited San Francisco? If so, comment below with your favorite city spot and we will add it to our list– especially if you have to take a streetcar to get there.

Why is the theme music for Full House suddenly running through my head…

What ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening T.V.

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Salina Beasley