Hilton Head Island City Guide

Hilton Head Island City Guide

Jun 19

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kids on boardwalk

{Sorry for the last post today. My computer called in sick today.}

I am still reeling from our beach vacation last week. So, I put together a little city guide for those of you that are condering Hilton Head for your next vacation destination. If we weren’t enjoying our Hilton Head Beach Villa, we were exploring the best the island had to offer.

Let’s start with the food. Here’s what I recommend at Coligny Plaza–


Frosty Frog: Live music on the patio and a local dressed as a giant frog in a snow cap– what more could a family ask for? The waitress said, and I quote, “There’s not a lot of healthy food on the menu.” When was the last time you saw someone balancing their checkbook at the craps table at Caesar’s Palace? Exactly. You’re on vacation. Count your calories at home.

And if you’re feeling a bit fancier than sandy flip flop feet:

Steamer Seafood is next door. Great menu. Great atmosphere. Outdoor seating next to a duck pond. But a 45 minute wait on a Friday night would likely send my two hungry kids bobbing for ducks. So we we headed to The Frog, and we weren’t disappointed.

Mia ice cream

Hilton Head Ice Cream : Speaking of your checkbook, you might break yours on three single scoops of Hilton Head Ice Cream. The good news is, I sampled a lot of ice cream last week, and Hilton Head Ice Cream Brownie Cheesecake was by far my fave. So budget accordingly.


And in Harbour Town–

The Quarterdeck: At the base of the Harbour Town Lighthouse {don’t blink or you’ll miss it}, sit outside under the covered patio and enjoy the views. {The view wasn’t too shabby from where I was sitting.}

Clark at Quarterdeck

The menu features offers a wide variety, and the wait staff is so inspiring, your four-year-old might raid every open table of cloth napkin-bound silverware and scatter it all over the deck like mine did.

I like to think he is exploring his professional interests.

If your pants start fitting a bit more snugly after all that ice cream, rent a bike and hit the trails. They are clearly marked for directionally-challenged people like me who get turned around in a walk-in closet. But be sure to steer clear of the Island Mascot.

Hilton Head gator

I snapped this pic while I was on an early morning run. Once I detoured from the footbridge, I stumbled upon what I like to call Antique Consignment Row on Arrow Road. I am happy to report that all limbs are still in tact, and I was able to enjoy some early bird window shopping.

If ice cream and antiques and biking and gator-dodging are not your thing, you can always relax by the Atlantic and let the beach work its relaxing magic.

beach at Hilton Head

Thanks, Hilton Head. We will see you next year!

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Salina Beasley