About Me

I met my husband, Clark in 2005. He was a handsome guitarist, and I was just beginning my wobbly career as a singer. Five minutes later, we were newlywed songbirds living on water, sunshine, and Kid A. That was until we began touring with a Grammy-winning artist who introduced us to steak dinners. We saw the world. We played before crowded arenas. We escaped the fiery flames of the platform pyrotechnics. We even met the President of the United States. If we weren’t touring and eating steak, we were in the studio making our first record. (You can check it out here.) It was a blissful honeymoon for this bride and groom that could only have been topped off by tea with the Queen herself.

On my way to an Asian tour stop, my middle ear fell out over the Pacific ocean and I was diagnosed with “sudden deafness”. It sounds a lot scarier in Korean. Going deaf in one ear will make a girl reevaluate some things. For instance, I began to wonder if perhaps there was more to life than shaking hands with the Leader of the Free World. Suddenly I was hearing {at least what was left of it} the pitter patter of little feet not to mention the tick-tock of my biological clock.

But alas, we were infertile. That was a bummer.

And then we weren’t! A year and a half after our adventures in Seoul, we welcomed our first child, Salem into the world. He was perfect and wonderful and worth all 27 1/2 grueling hours of unmedicated labor and delivery not to mention the Curse-of-Eve postpartum depression that followed for nearly 10 months after he was born. Shortly after I gave up the Jack Torrance act, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter Amelia. She was magic from the moment I held all 9 POUNDS 4 OUNCES of that little Thanksgiving turkey in my arms.

Amelia was only a month old when I conceived the idea for Lady Lullabuy’s Blog. I had spent my third trimester sewing, sewing, sewing my unborn daughter’s bedding. Once I stitched my first appliqué, I was a tongue talking believer, and my aspirations of starting my own custom nursery design business soared to knew heights. Maybe it was the plummeting hormones combined with an over active entrepreneurial spirit mixed with the profound sleep deprivation, but here’s a tip: never name a blog or business when you are one month postpartum. Your alliteration fetish might just get the better of you, not to mention your artistic spelling liberties may appear to be more of a drunken mishap. Nevertheless, it got me to write.

What began as a hobby (writing, not appliques) became a lifeline of support in 2012 when my oldest son was diagnosed high functioning Autism. While my world was spinning with grief, Salem was just spinning circles in the front yard and counting backwards in Spanish. I do believe God’s ways are perfect, but in the words of Jerry Newport, “Even God has some autistic moments, which is why the planets spin”.

Currently, our little party of 4 1/2 (baby #3 due Fall 2014) live in Atlanta, Ga. where we sing, write, and occasionally break out the dance moves with the blinds open.

In between the lines of all this madness is my story of being human. Writing it in black and white helps me to see the blurry parts a bit more clearly. It also beats talking to myself. Some days I write of prettier musings– Decorating trends, book reviews, recipes, party favorites, art, and travel. And then other days I write as my way of grinding through the grief of this topsy turvy narrative. If you care for a little aesthetic inspiration in your daily life, I welcome you here. If you want to witness firsthand the hilarious you-can’t-make that- stuff-up happenings around the Beasley household, stick around. If you don’t get squeamish at the sight of mild neuroses, then we can certainly be friends.

I am Salina Beasley. Welcome to the party.

Salina Beasley